Do shots fired before the match starts count towards your end-of-game statistics?

In Overwatch, there is short countdown for a few minutes before the match begins. During this time, the defending team is allowed to roam the map to set up their defenses, while the attacking team sits in a small lobby until the game starts and the doors open. (Or in KotH-type maps, both teams wait in a lobby.)

While players wait, it’s not uncommon for them to fire off random shots, especially since a lot of the environment is destructable (it’s entertaining to watch plush onions sail through the air in the arcade).

Do shots fired before the match starts count towards accuracy statistics at the end of the game?


No, I’ve done this with Roadhog shift (Hook) as I wanted to know if this counted towards the end game statistics.

It appears it doesn’t start counting them until the match begins as even though I spammed out the abilities and shooting it would only show the stats after, 100% if I landed it 0% if I missed but 50% if I hit the second shot out of 2 regardless how much I spammed during the prep stage.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mage Xy , Answer Author : Bandito Dorito

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