Do supply lines work together?

Say I have three settlements: A, B, and C

A has all my wood.
B has all my steel.
C has all my rubber.

Now if I set up a supply line from B to A and from C to A, A has access to all three. But does B or C have access to all three? Or do I need to also set up a supply line from B to C?


Yes, supply lines are commutative and transitive. Reflexive too, I suppose. This makes it an equivalence relation, meaning that you can see the same supplies at all connected settlements.

In other words, if you set up a supply line from Sanctuary to the Red Rocket Station, and one from the Red Rocket Station to the Starlight Drive-In, you can access the supplies from all three locations at all three locations.

Source : Link , Question Author : Lawtonfogle , Answer Author : DCShannon

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