Do the enemy that appear in arcade game when running out of time have a canonical name?

Basically, several level-based games “back in the day” had a special kind of enemy appearing when playing the same level for too long. Bubble bubble had
Baron von Blubba:

Baron von Blubba

Snow Brothers had a similar one (a weird pumpkin figure spawning invincible ghosts).

Does this kind of enemy have a canonical name? (Like “boss”, but it’s not a boss of course.)


No, there is no canonical name for them.

However, I somewhat like the term Chase Boss this GiantBomb user has come up with, although it does not strictly limit the term to enemies appearing due to time constraints:

It’s also worth noting that 1980 arcade game Berzerk probably featured the first enemy of this kind, fittingly named Evil Otto.

Source : Link , Question Author : peppe , Answer Author : janb

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