Do the symbols at the bottom of the loading screens mean anything?

I noticed that when I am on a loading screen, what looks like a feather scrolls across with some symbols underneath, like this:

Bastion loading screen

Do these symbols mean anything? Or are they just random pretty gibberish?


I don’t think there is anything to decipher from it, and this interview of Jen Zee and Greg Kasavin tends to confirm it:

What we ended up doing as sort of a compromise was to assign meaning
to the uses of the alphabet where it appeared in the game. There are a
number of games with their own made-up alphabets whose character sets
all conveniently map to the 27-letter English alphabet and whose words
coincidentally map to English words. We didn’t want to use the
Caelondian alphabet as some kind of a code, so we settled for it
having no direct English analog.

If you want to give it a try anyway, it seems to be always the same sequence (or sub-parts of it) repeated, and horizontally flipped for the bottom line.

enter image description here (larger pic)

Check it out: I just flipped the second line horizontally and shifted it on the left. Two sequences appear, and sequence B contains a sub-sequence of sequence A (sequence C).

I also added a list of what I think are the different glyphs that can be found in the sequences, if that can help to decipher.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ash , Answer Author : Anto

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