Do units heal faster in your own territory?

Do units heal faster in your own territory and more still in your cities?

If yes – where did you get this information, and by how much outside territory, inside territory, and in city?

“heal” and “healing” have no Civilopedia entries (srsly). I can find nothing on Google.


Yes, though I can’t find anything in the Civilopedia either.

From my experience units heal the following amount per turn:

  • 20 in your own cities
  • 15 in friendly territory (I think this includes friendly city states, but I’m not sure)
  • 5 if units are healing in enemy territory
  • 10 elsewhere

As in earlier games naval units can’t heal outside of friendly territory (though this can be enabled with certain promotions).

Other factors that affect unit healing include:

  • The “God of Healing” Pantheon (+30 healing in or adjacent to your Holy Site districts)
  • The “Medic” industrial era support unit (boosts healing of adjacent units)
  • An Apostle promotion that lets them heal units in the same way as a Medic
  • The “Dead Sea” natural wonder (units heal completely in one turn)
  • The Great Scientist, “Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi” (passive healing + retirement effect)

Source : Link , Question Author : niico , Answer Author : PeterL

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