Do units receive a defensive bonus when you select “Do nothing” or hit space?

Units get a defensive bonus when you put them in “Fortify” or “Alert”. But sometimes I just want to pass them over for a single turn. If I select “Do nothing” (or hit space, which is the same thing) do they still receive the defensive bonus?


No they don’t, this unit simply didn’t take a turn – with the exception that the unit is stationed on a tile that provides a defensive bonus (for example a fortress) or they’re on rough terrain.

A full list of conditions and bonuses as well as base statistics for each unit type is detailed in this article. Of particular note is the following;

  • +25% defensive bonus for rough terrain (hills, forest or jungle)
  • -10% defensive penalty for open terrain (not hill, forest or jungle)
  • +20-40% defensive bonus for unit Fortification. The fortifying unit gains +20% on the first turn, and +40% thereafter

Source : Link , Question Author : Brian Gordon , Answer Author : Oak

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