Do we have quests in Witcher 3 with a time limit?

Sometimes a new quest starts with “I have to do that NOW” or “…immediately” or “…as soon as possible”.

Are there any quests in Witcher 3 with a time limit?
Can I solve some quests only if I start it really “now” or “immediately” or within a specific time?

(I don’t ask for quests who starts at “midnight” or another specific time, it’s about the available time until a quest fails)



Even the quests that begin with “Meet me at the docks / tavern / Court of the (X) immediately” have no limit on starting / finishing, and will wait patiently for you to arrive (sometimes, admittedly, jibing you about hunting Drowners or similar when you arrive).

Quests (as you mention) that require you to meet folk/monsters at a given time of day will also loop indefinitely, day by day.

There are a few quests that will be failed if you continue with the main questline before completing them, but that’s not related to timing.

Source : Link , Question Author : PeterCo , Answer Author : Jeeva

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