Do Xbox One controllers support Xbox 360 games on PC?

I play games on PC using a generic gamepad and x360ce software. I use a generic controller like this one:

Game Pad

But now I am planning to buy an Xbox controller and I am confused which one to buy? (Xbox 360 or Xbox One).

I want know that if I buy an Xbox One controller will it run fine on old games (like Dead Space, Just Cause 2, etc) which do support Xbox 360 controllers?


On a PC there is no difference in games between Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers- both work the same.

The only thing you should keep in mind is that an Xbox controller will have “weird” layout or even completely refuse to work in very old games that use DirectInput, rather than XInput, but that won’t differ between Xbox360 and Xbox One controllers either.

Source : Link , Question Author : unnobtainium , Answer Author : Elise

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