Do you get full experience from kills to lower level monsters in Torchlight?

Is the level difference between my character and the enemies in Torchlight important? Do I earn the same amount of experience independent of the level difference?

In Diablo 2 you can earn only a small percentage of the actual experience if the level difference is too high. Is this the same in Torchlight?

I’m currently level 58 and fighting level 68 enemies and I have the feeling that I only earn experience from champions but not from normal monsters.


If I remember well experience gained depends on monster levels and does not scale with your level. You are right, the experience that you get from killing mini-bosses is very high compared to that acquired from killing normal monsters.

There is also a type of fish that increase your XP gain by 20% for 300 seconds. Remember to eat one of that before big fights.

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