Do you have to skip some monsters in Inferno?

Was trying act 2 inferno last night with my Monk who has just under 700 resist all, and about 6k armor, 20% block, 30% dodge all unbuffed. And then my barb friend joined and war cried bumping all these defensive stats up by a heap. From memory it was above 1000 resist all, and around 10k armor. My hp is a bit low though at 24k.

Now, we entered a cave where there was a champion pack who had plague, and a boss with arcane and shielded minions (who also cast arcane)

Neither of us could survive more than 3-5 hits (us hitting). I read in forums that some monsters you just have to skip and run from…. that’s so unsatisfying though. It is true? Or are we just not powerful enough?


Yes, it is true.

If you are farming / questing alone then there will always be very hard champions. For ranged characters the worst affixes usually are “Fast”, “Vortex” in combination with “Molten” and “Damage Reflect”, while melee characters have to struggle with “Fire Chains”, “Arcane” and “Plague”.

There are even some “normal” monsters that are very difficult. For Demon Hunters everything that attacks you instantly from off screen, like Lacuni Huntresses is quite bothersome.

What I am trying to say is: There are certain monsters or affix combinations that are very nasty. Some of these are so powerful that you cannot kill them or it is such a huge investment of time and money (death) that it is not worth it. Either skip them or just create a new game.

This problem is way better if you have a well balanced party, for example 1 Warrior, 1 Monk, 1 Wizard and 1 Demon Hunter. Then the other characters will kill the champions without your help, even though it might take longer.

It gets worse if the whole party struggles with the same affixes, like in your case.

Source : Link , Question Author : David , Answer Author : deutschZuid

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