Do you lose any friendship points if somebody sees you digging in a garbage bin?

When villagers are too close to you while you’re “using” a trash can, they are usually disgusted and say something about it. But does it have any negative effect on friendship?

A bit of a late update, but I saw this in-game message on TV:


Pulling out the trusty decompiler, here’s how checking the trash works:

  • It only affects an NPC within 7 tiles of you.
    • …unless that NPC is Linus; he doesn’t care if you dig in the trash.
  • The NPC will give one of three disgusted responses.
  • You lose 25 friendship points (10% of a heart level) with that NPC.
  • You may get a random item. (It appears that better luck that day gives you a better item.)

Source : Link , Question Author : user1306322 , Answer Author : Kyralessa

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