Do you need a key to play Diablo 2 on multiple accounts?

My brother, a couple of friends, and I all want to play Diablo together.

I know that it isn’t possible to use one disc to play Diablo 3 on all accounts due to the key issue. However, is it possible to buy Diablo 2 and use the one disc to gain access to the game on all four accounts? Or does the key issue still remain?


Diablo 2 uses a different authentication system. There is a cd-key, but if you have the discs, you can install what’s called a “spawn version”. This installs the core files, and doesn’t require a cd-key. But it is limited; it only allows LAN play. You can’t play it online, as its meant for LAN parties.

Source : Link , Question Author : user120660 , Answer Author : Frank

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