Does army size affect speed of siege?

Is it better to split my units to siege multiple counties at once, or does a stack wear down the defenders quicker?


From the CKII wiki:

For a siege:

If the attackers do have enough troops, every 12 days a tick will count and progress will be made on the siege. The amount of progress that is made per tick depends on the fortification level of the holding and how severely the attackers outnumber the defenders.

This means the number of troops do matter, and it’s more than just a case of if troops > x: get bonus . The exact numbers aren’t on the wiki, however, and are probably only known to Paradox.

When assaulting, it is recommended to have 10x the number of troops involved in the attack as the defenders have in their garrison. This will minimize the attacker’s casualties, as the defenders are overrun and unable to maintain any level of adequate defense.

This is also pretty obvious from trial and error. If you siege 400 troops with 2000 troops, you will lose about half your army while taking the province. If you siege the same 400 troops with 10k troops, you will lose about 100 troops, from my experience. (Obviously this varies a bit depending on fort level too)

Source : Link , Question Author : blu , Answer Author : Macha

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