Does Final Fantasy Tactics have noticeable slowdowns even on the iPhone 4S?

Reviews of FFT for the iOS all seem to complain about erratic smoothness due to frequent graphical slowdowns. Here, for example, is a review of the game as played on an iPhone 4.

Has anybody played the game on the iPhone 4S? I’m hoping that, given the 4S’ improved processor, these slowdowns will disappear, but I’d like somebody to confirm/deny that.


I’ve bought the game. The answer to my question is that during some spells, there’s some slowdown, but most other actions aren’t noticeably slow. There are still some occasional bugs. I’ve been playing for 9 hours now, and there have been 2-3 crashes. The autosave seems to do a good job of salvaging your interrupted game though. I once had a very weird bug where the background music (not sound effects) didn’t play, despite the fact that it was turned on in the options. Rebooting the iPhone fixed this.

All told, the bugs aren’t enough to seriously dampen the fun. It’s as great a game as I remember.

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