Does it make a difference to CP if you feed candies before or after evolving?

When activating the evolution for a caught Pokemon, it seems to amplify the Combat Power (CP). Thus it seems most beneficial to evolve your Pokemon with the highest CP, if you have multiple of the same kind.

But what I am not sure about is whether it makes an efficiency difference if you spend candies and dust to boost CP before evolving, to gain more from the amplification? Or is it more efficient to just evolve without spending, and then using the leftover candies afterwards, since they now give a bigger CP boost per candy?

I only tested with a Rattata so far, which gained +8 CP per candy before evolving, and +15 CP afterwards. I collected no numbers on the amplification efficiency though, and now ran out of materials for further testing.

Or maybe it is a balanced calculation and makes no difference at all? I would love to have some insight on that.

Some data I collected thus far:
(GPC = CP gain per candy)

79 CP Weedle (GPC 6) evolved to:
84 CP Kakuna (GPC 6), evolved at 90 CP to:
297 CP Beedrill

Note: The max-CP “half circle” in the profile stayed filled roughly at the same relative position throughout the evolutions.


When you evolve a Pokemon, its CP circle stays as full as it did before.

As a result, it really doesn’t matter in which order you boost a Pokemon. However, you should keep a few points in mind:

  • Powerups cost more Candies the more CP a Pokemon has (based on a Pokemon’s level).
  • Powerups cost more Stardust the more CP a Pokemon has (again, based on level).

Cost will increase every second powerup.

Therefore, it makes sense to power up a Pokemon until it is near the upper end of your CP ring. As the ring stays in the same place, it will give you a rather decent CP per Candy ratio.

For example, if a Pokemon’s max CP was 515 and it is currently at 425, it would make sense to power it up to 500 or more. At that point, you should evolve it, provided you have the candies.

Overall, you’ll still be using fewer candies because you’re doing most of your evolution on the lower side of the scale, and using the Evolution mechanic to sharply spike the Pokemon’s CP.

Source : Link , Question Author : kasoban , Answer Author : Kaz Wolfe

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