Does it make any difference if I choose the Bird or the Cage Brooch?

As I was playing Bioshock Infinite today, I was greeted by this fellow and lady shortly after busting Elizabeth from the confines of that statue. They gave us the choice of two brooches. One of a cage, and one of a bird. I simply wasn’t thinking that this might have any effect on the game when I went with what Elizabeth sounded most intrigued by. So now she is stuck with a cage on her neck. Not the nicest of symbolism…

Does the brooch you pick for Elizabeth have any effect on the game or story line?

Note: SPOILERS AHEAD. Answers contain spoilers.

Screenshot of Elizabeth offering brooches


Well, not directly, so don’t worry about it.

The point here is that you made a choice that you will remember and notice it later on.

More information with SPOILERS, read only AFTER FINISHING THE GAME:

Thanks to this choice you will almost immediately notice that the girl at the end is not Elizabeth since she doesn’t have the brooch you selected for her. It was a nice touch by the game creators.

Source : Link , Question Author : Aeo , Answer Author : Diogo Gomes

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