Does lightning strike on an angle?

So, with the advent of weather on my friend’s SMP server, two structures have already been burned to the ground by lightning strikes. Miraculously, the current tallest flammable structure on the server is unharmed. The observation deck of my lighthouse is made of red wool (I’ve converted the white wool base to iron). I’ve also made sure to put a firebreak (triple row of glass floor) between the wooden access-way and the wooden stairs inside the structure, so while a lightning strike wouldn’t be completely disastrous, the top section is the most time consuming to build. So, for some reason, I got the idea that lightning only strikes vertically, which led me to build a glass shield at the ceiling of the map, in the shape of the widest parts of the lighthouse.

Lighthouse, and 'lightning shield'

You can see the shield towards the top of the image. It’s placed directly above the structure, and provided lightning only travels vertically downward, protects the entire structure.

Will this work? Or does lightning strike on an angle?


It looks like, or is rendered to strike on an angle, but actually it only happens at the vertically highest (up to 127) solid block at its horizontal location. In other words, the lightning travels vertically downward through non-solid transparent blocks with a few exceptions you won’t care. This is a theory from code reading, and it seems bckbck has verified this.

Source : Link , Question Author : GnomeSlice , Answer Author : Community

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