Does loot despawn/disappear after a certain amount of time?

As mentioned in this question, inventory size is an issue in Diablo II. So far, I don’t plan on playing with others, so for me loot whoring is not an issue.

Given this, I am interested to know if dropped loot ever despawns and if so under what circumstances. In other words, if I’ve got a book of Town Portal scrolls can I just keep loot running over and over until I’ve picked up and sold all of the dropped loot? If I’m playing solo – is inventory size really an issue, or just more of an inconvenience?


Items despawn depending on their quality:

Regular items and gold disappear after exactly 10 minutes.

Magic items will disappear after 20 minutes.

Rare, Set, Crafted, and Unique items will disappear after lying on the ground for 30 minutes.

If you pick up the item (and drop it), it resets the timer.


Source : Link , Question Author : EBongo , Answer Author : Community

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