Does ‘overcharging’ a sniper increase its damage?

As a Sniper, I know that if I charge my sniper rifle, it will do more damage, but does the time for which it is ‘overcharged’ (i.e. scoped in when the charge meter is already full) affect the damage it does on its next shot?

The reason I ask is that, a couple of times, I have scoped in for about 30 seconds (in a sneaky spot) and have dealt about 500-600 damage (which is more than enough to kill even a fully-overhealed Heavy). Is this just a coincidence?

If ‘overcharging’ a sniper does increase its damage, is there an upper limit to how much damage it can do?



Once the meter is full, the sniper rifle will deal maximum damage (normally 150 for bodyshots, 450 for headshots). Charging longer than this won’t increase the damage any further.

You probably dealt 500 damage because of the Machina’s +15% damage on fully charged shots. This would give you 518 damage (though 450 also kills a fully overhealed heavy).

Source : Link , Question Author : alexqwx , Answer Author : Studoku

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