Does playing more than 200 hours in BOTW erase the first bits of Heroes Path?

I have played around 245 hours of breath of the wild, around 40 hours on my friends switch before I got my own and 205 hours on my own switch. I’ve just bought “The Master Trials” DLC for it. I’ve been using the heroes path and it has tracked all the way from when I started the game, to exactly where I’m standing now.
I have heard that the game only tracks up to 200 hours of gameplay. If that’s so, then why has it tracked to where I am currently standing if I’ve played 5 more hours than 200 hours? When I reach the maximum amount of trackable hours will it stop tracking me from there on, or will it remove tracked data from the start of the game?


I realised that the game has tracked to where I am currently standing because the time I have spent in shrines and divine beasts has paused the heroes path, so therefore I have played over 200 hours of the game in general but not yet gotten to 200 hours in the open world.

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