Does Pokemon Go have same points as Ingress?

Pokemon go and ingress are both developed by the same company. Does Pokemon Go have same points (pokestops and gyms – portals etc.) as Ingress?



The portals from Ingress and the Pokestops and gyms from Pokémon Go are at the same locations.

However, they do seem to have a limitation on the density of portals. Common areas that had dozens of portals in a single location on Ingress have had their numbers reduced so they are more spread out. There seems to be a minimum distance between portals/centers, but I don’t have an exact value.

Shout out to @sterno for mentioning and confirming the portal reduction.


I just started playing Pokémon Go (as did everyone else) but I have been playing ingress for over a month and am level 8. All of my regular portals have become Pokestops and Gyms. I have noticed that the Portals that are “Mission Portals” seem to have become Gyms. I have no yet had the chance to check some of my normal farms to see if EVERY portal has been used, but I will be checking tonight and hopefully remember to update this post 🙂

Source : Link , Question Author : ave , Answer Author : ChronoD

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