Does Pokemon Go take into account STAB in gym battles?

In the main series games, there is a concept of STAB (same type attack bonus), where a pokemon of a certain type will get an additional attack bonus (+50%) when using a move that has the same type. This bonus is in addition to any modifiers caused by the target pokemon’s resistances.

For example, a Fire type pokemon using a Fire type move would do additional damage, compared to a non-Fire type pokemon using a Fire attack, or a Fire type using a non-Fire type attack.


Yes, it does. But only at 1.25x. Here is the decoded protobuf file. In it is this:

Items {
  BattleSettings {
    RetargetSeconds: 0.5
    EnemyAttackInterval: 1.5
    AttackServerInterval: 5
    RoundDurationSeconds: 99
    BonusTimePerAllySeconds: 10
    MaximumAttackersPerBattle: 20
    SameTypeAttackBonusMultiplier: 1.25
    MaximumEnergy: 100
    EnergyDeltaPerHealthLost: 0.5
    DodgeDurationMs: 500
    MinimumPlayerLevel: 5
    SwapDurationMs: 1000

Source : Link , Question Author : shenles , Answer Author : embedded.kyle

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