Does the extractor trick actually help?

The Zerg extractor trick allows you to start your 11th drone a few seconds faster. Does this actually help though? You gain a few seconds on that extra drone, but you lose due to:

  1. The cancellation fee for the extractor which is something like 6 mins. That’s like an entire drone trip to a mineral patch.
  2. The time spent being an extractor, which is likely to be close to the time of a trip to minerals.

So I would say you lose something like 10 minerals to gain a few seconds on a drone. Is this actually worth it?

Disclaimer: I am really terrible at Zerg; I have no idea what I’m doing really.


Economy wise, overlord at 9 is best. If you happen to create a tenth drone by mistake, go for the extractor trick as it helps you minimize economic loss.

Some people do the extractor trick just to keep their fingers busy…

Source : Link , Question Author : tenfour , Answer Author : bummzack

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