Does the location of Great Works matter?

You can move your great works around in the culture overview screen, but is there any benefit?

Does the number of works in a city matter? Is there some kind of exponential bonus?
Does it matter if it is closer to foreign boarders, as in the tourists don’t have to travel as far to be influenced?

I can understand that if a city is under attack it is nice that you can get all your stuff out of there before it is taken over. Is that the only tangible benefit?


The number of Great Works in a given city does not, in and of itself, make a difference, nor do the location of the city, nor the nature of the work, but once you start getting buildings with more than one slot, there is the opportunity for Theming Bonuses if you have multiple Great Works in the same building, meeting certain conditions.

As well, there are a number of different effects from various buildings, wonders, or civilizations’ unique abilities, which can provide bonuses to tourism generated in a given city, so stacking multiple Great Works in a city with such bonuses will mean more Great Works getting the bonus.

Lastly, any time a city is captured, any Great Works still in that city are also captured, which makes border cities a little riskier. However, because you can move Great Works instantly across any distance as long as it’s your turn, you can usually move them out when a city is under siege and losing, before it’s taken, as long as you remember.

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