Downloading restarts every time after restarting Steam

I’ve been downloading DoTA 2 for the past 2 weeks. When I first started downloading, my electricity was cut and my computer got shut down. The next day, when I restarted my PC, the progress has jumped from 45% (which was the point it was at when the power cut occured) back to 0%. From that day on, jumps back to 0% happened every time my computer was shut down from the power cut.

I have deleted and reinstalled everything (Steam and DoTA 2) many times.
Over four days, I have used 60GB of internet to download it and the points of progress it has restarted at are: 45%, 92%, 38% and 56%.


This is not only dota-2 problem but it happens with every game. Each time a power cut occurs steam starts to download the game files again.

There are two ways to solve your issue –

  1. Pause the download:- if you pause the download in progress before the power cut, it will surely resume from the stage you paused it.
  2. Restore/backup:- steam also offers another way to your problem. Download from the internet or take a latest backup of dota-2 from your friend in a pen drive and just restore it.

Source : Link , Question Author : amit , Answer Author : Rishabh Sharma

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