Dual wield 1H vs 1H + Quiver vs 2H + Quiver?

As a demon hunter, you have three choices:

  1. Dual Weld 1H crossbows
  2. 1H crossbow + quiver
  3. 2H crossbow/bow + quiver

Given equivalent level items of all of these types, in every single situation I have ALWAYS found the 2H crossbow/bow + quiver to be the highest dps of the three combos. Next highest is 1H crossbow + quiver and the lowest dps is dual weld 1H crossbows.

Is there ever a reason you would ever choose anything but a 2H crossbow/bow + quiver for end game dps? Are there other important factors to think about besides DPS (like attack speed)?


In general, 1H + Quiver and Dual Wield setups are only worthwhile if the itemization available to you makes them worthwhile. That is to say, if you have access to much a better 1-hander than a 2-hander, than using it instead may make sense, even with a quiver. If you have two of them, dual wielding might even be an option, as there are some stat affixes that will not appear on a Quiver.

That said, thanks to the Archery passive, 2H weapons will generally pull ahead, since a Quiver offsets the normal loss of stats that occurs when using a 2H weapon, the only thing you really give up is the opportunity to equip a shield, and the defensive benefits thereof. But at the end of the day, with items as heavily random as they are, you’ll always want to evaluate every weapon individually – don’t rule out a hand xbow just because it isn’t a 2 hander. With the right stats, it can still be an upgrade.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jake Wilson , Answer Author : LessPop_MoreFizz

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