Dual wielding daggers with numeric shortcuts?

I’ve assigned num 5 for to my Daedric Dagger and num 2 to my Blade of Woe. When I tap 2 or 5, the weapon in my sword-hand gets replaced. in order to actually dual wield, I need to open up the favorites menu, and left click/right click to make it happen.

Is there a known way, by which I can change the controls to dual wield upon tapping?


Currently the only way to dual wield weapons with a hotkey is if you have two of the exact same items. Otherwise, the behavior is exactly what you experience (you replace the right hand with a new weapon).

There have been numerous mod requests of this on the modding forums for the PC, I’m sure something will come out for it eventually.

Source : Link , Question Author : Aditya M P , Answer Author : l I

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