Dude, Where’s My Horse?

So, my faithful steeds have had a history of, well, draconic incidents recently, and so, when leaving Solace, to head out in search of the Steed Stone recently, it occurred to me that procuring a new Equine conveyance would be wise.

The fine stableman over at The Solitude Stables, near Katla’s farm, a trustworthy seeming fellow named Geimund, informed me that his horse was amazing, and availiable for a mere 1000 Septims.

I agreed to his price, and 1000 Septims poorer, was informed that it was ‘the one with the Saddle’.

However, the horse with a saddle in this stable does not seem to be interested in turning into a plane or tasting like raisins, or showing me the universe. Hell, this horse isn’t even interested in being ridden by me – at least, not if I don’t want to be branded an inveterate and unpardonable Horse-Thief by every guard from Solituide to Markarth.

Why don’t I own the Horse with the Saddle now? Is there a different horse with a saddle that I paid for? Did it wander off? There are only two stalls at the stable, both are occupied by horses, only one has a saddle, and the ride option for both are in red.

I just want a new pony. 🙁


Sounds like a bug. Pickpocket him to get your money back and try again.

Source : Link , Question Author : LessPop_MoreFizz , Answer Author : Mika

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