Dungeons and Dragons Online, Good for Groups?

I see that Dungeons and Dragons Online is now free to play. How is that game structured? Do you create parties and travel? Or is it more free world-ish? I ask because I am looking for games to play with a group of 8-10 people and was wondering if it would be worth looking into.

Also, is the game playable without buying content? (By playable, I mean is it fun to play without buying content?)


It’s a largely instanced system, similar to Guild Wars. You instant-transport between hubs and run instanced quests out of those hubs. (If you’re not familiar with instancing, it basically means you go into a private clone of an area with only your group. No random strangers wandering by.)

There are three types of areas, according to their website:

  • Quests: Instanced for 1-6 people, small area with a storyline to play through.
  • Adventure Areas: Instanced for 1-6 people, wide open area to explore, with dungeons and outposts within it.
  • Raids: Instanced for 1-12 people, more challenging quests

So, if you just want to jump into quests/raids with a small to medium size group, this sounds like a good game. If you like to solo or explore a big open world, maybe not so much.

Source : Link , Question Author : The Sasquatch , Answer Author : sjohnston

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