Easier way to earn the ‘Clubber’ Achievement for Party Hard?

There is an achievement for Party Hard which requires you to launch the game 100 times:

Clubber: Play Party Hard 100 times

Normally I’d probably just earn this from regular gameplay, but having completed the game, the bonus content and pretty much every other achievement in around 4 game sessions, this achievement is going to be tedious to earn.

Is there any way to speed up or otherwise make this process a little quicker?


Using the Steam Browser Protocol and some batch commands, I’ve written a small script that will launch and quit the game 100 times in order to unlock the achievement.

  1. Copy the text below into Notepad, and save the file as any name, but make sure it is using the .bat extension.
  2. Start Steam
  3. Double click the file, and a command prompt window will open.
  4. The game will open and close every 10 seconds 100 times. It’s best to leave your computer for half-an-hour or so as it does it’s thing.

So without further ado, here’s the script:

@echo off

echo Setting Steam Status to offline
start steam://friends/status/offline

echo Beginning loop
for /l %%a in (0,1,100) do (
    start steam://run/356570
    timeout 10
    taskkill /IM PartyHardGame.exe 
    timeout 10
echo Loop complete! 

echo You should now have the Clubber Achievement

echo Setting Steam Status to online
start steam://friends/status/online

To explain what it does:

  • @echo off This just stops the command prompt from stating every command as they’re run. Nothing special.
  • start steam://friends/status/offline – This sets your Steam availability/status to ‘Offline’. This way, you won’t be causing constant popups on your friends’ PCs.
  • for /l %%a in (0,1,100) – This is the loop part. This counts from the number 0 to the number 100, adding 1 each time (hence the 0,1,100). Once it reaches 100 the loop will stop. Everything after do and inside the brackets () will be looped 100 times.
  • start steam://run/356570 This starts the game. The number is the Application ID of Party Hard, change this if you want to do this for a different game.
  • taskkill /IM PartyHardGame.exe This will quit the application.
  • The timeout‘s are to give the application time load up and count towards the achievement, and for Steam to sync the changes once it quits.
    • You can adjust these if your PC is more/less powerful and takes less/more time to load the game, just make sure that the Achievement is still registering when you do!
  • The echo‘s are just informational, you can strip them out if you wish.

Source : Link , Question Author : Robotnik , Answer Author : Robotnik

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