Escaping from League of Legends Elo Hell

What are the different ways to boost your Elo rating in LoL?

It seems like when you lose 5~7 games in a row there is no way to get a decent team to play with, thus leading you to lose more and more.

  1. How do you get in to winning streak in solo queue?
  2. Are there specific champions I should watch out for and queue dodge?


1) As far as I can remember, “Solo” queue actually lets you queue up to a team of two. This may have changed. Unfortunately, Solo Queue is just that – you and some strangers – and if you want an easy strategy to climb the solo queue ladder, there isn’t one. You’re largely at the whim of the matchmaker, so the best you can hope for is to carry a team, perhaps by playing a ganking jungler such as Rammus, Shaco, or Nocturne.

The current metagame theory is that teams with a jungler > teams without, so by playing a strong jungler (assuming you aren’t overestimating your skill) will give you the best odds, as an early game lead can be hard to overcome.

2) Queue dodging in a ranked game no longer reduces your ELO, but it does prevent you from queuing for ranked games for a substantial amount of time. If you want to raise your ELO, you need to play games, and you can’t do that if you constantly queue dodge.

Source : Link , Question Author : RailOcelot , Answer Author : Community

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