Explaining the GTAV Stock Market

As a little experiment, I invested all of Franklin’s money on the LCN in one company: Maze Bank. I then sent him to sleep over and over for a week (game time), checking his portfolio every time he woke up to see how the stock was doing. What I saw baffled me.

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The stock fluctuated 1 or 2% for the whole week. I bought it at around $14.60 and it stayed within roughly a dollar of that figure the entire week.

The Graph
Firstly, the graph apparently reflects this past week, but it seems to say that the stock spent time at $70 a share, and was now resting at $56. In fact, according to the graph, it had only once dipped below $26 the entire week… Nowhere near the $14.60 figure I usually saw.

How am I reading the graph wrong?

Stock Information
On the right-hand side, the “Stock Information” seemed equally confusing. The “High” and “Low” seem to refer to the highest and lowest the stock had EVER been. (It certainly didn’t reflect the week’s fluctuations.)

“Last” (and thus “Change”/”% Change”) didn’t seem to reflect any price I saw over the period of a week, either. (Does anyone know what time frame the “Last” figure comes from?)

And that’s only the LCN. Does the BAWSAQ have more accurate graphs/figures?

On the whole, all these graphs and figures seemed very confusing. Can anyone help make sense of them?


Part of the problem here is that the LCN is not a true market. It’s semi-random with scripted elements driven by events in the game. General consensus is that the graphs for LCN stock are just there to be pretty and don’t ever change. I’ve heard, but haven’t confirmed for myself, that the scripted events will change what the historical graph looks like temporarily to match the events the game describes.

I did an experiment to confirm this. I looked at the LCN page for Maze Bank. Then, without saving I jumped into online mode. After a few seconds, I next switched back to story mode. When I looked at the Maze Bank page again the history graph was completely different, but the current value was the same(well only a few cents off).

First Maze Bank Graph:
First Maze Bank Graph

Second Maze Bank Graph:
Second Maze Bank Graph

So, yeah, it’s just random noise meant to sell the “realism” of the LCN exchange.

If the graph did make sense the values would mean:

  • High: The highest historical valuation of the stock.
  • Low: The lowest historical valuation of the stock.
  • Current: The current value of the stock.
  • Last: The value at the close of the previous day of trading
  • Change and %Change The change from the current price and the last value.

BAWSAQ works differently. It’s semi-modeled to behave like a real market. All the players who buy stock effect the price so long as they have online access. How much they effect it is contentious. There have been a few organized pump and dump schemes, but the results are not quite obvious. This is why BAWSAQ has more sensible graphs that maintain an accurate history of the stock value.

BAWSAQ graph from the social club site

Source : Link , Question Author : Django Reinhardt , Answer Author : CaulynDarr

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