Fallout 4 Artillery Map?

So I’ve been trying to build up every settlement location I can to maximize artillery coverage. I have them all owned except Boston Airport, Bunker Hill, and Covenant. I have everything linked to Red Rocket by trade routes, but haven’t quite finished the artillery, turns out these settlers want “food” and “water” and “shelter” instead.

But after I get all the artillery set up, what areas are left uncovered? I assume the Glowing Sea is out of range, but I’d like a more precise answer. Also, if one settlement has more than 1 artillery, or if my target is in range of multiple settlements, do I get more strikes on my target? I already know that I can’t target more than one spot at a time, no matter how many guns in range.


Redditor RandomVigilante made a nice (if possibly not 100% accurate) map of coverage.
Artillery Coverage

You might want to check out the full Reddit Thread for more information on this map (including flaws, and possibly a Red/Green Colorblind friendly version).

Source : Link , Question Author : user137 , Answer Author : aslum

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