Farming rebel controlled sectors?

Does it ever make sense to not run from the chasing rebels?

I often end up in the situation where my last couple jumps out of a sector are through rebel controlled locations. The fights are tough, but I often destroy the ship instead of jumping away early. The rewards are paltry, 1 fuel or ~50 scrap.

But the rewards are non-zero. Has anyone successfully tried farming this?


The rebel ships you encounter after the sector has been taken over are intentionally harder than you would experience normally. They’ve got heavier shields and better weapons than other encounters in your current (or even usually your next) sector.

The rewards are also minimal at best. Just enough to keep you running.

You are unlikely to profit from these encounters over the long run. In fact, hanging around and fighting the pursuing rebels is usually a quick way to get a game over.

Source : Link , Question Author : deft_code , Answer Author : agent86

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