First thing to learn when beginning League of Legends

So I just started out playing League of Legends. I’ve got a friend who plays and we started up a bot game so that I could learn the basic commands.

It wasn’t pretty.

The bots basically slaughtered us. I eventually ended the match with 3 kills, 17 deaths, and two assists. My friend, of course, did better, but she couldn’t tell me what she was doing or why she was doing it. Which makes it hard to know what I need to be learning.

The first thing a new Left 4 Dead player should try to learn is effective communication with teammates. The first thing a new TF2 player should try to learn is what situations each class excels in and which each class in vulnerable in. But League of Legends has cash management, character management, runes, item builds, not to mention tactics once on the field…it’s hard to know where to start.

What’s the first thing a new League of Legends player should try to learn?


Map Awareness

Riot has garnered some pretty effective videos with their Video Tutorial contest (Links posted below). As a beginner, you want to primarily focus on making sure you don’t get ambushed by the other team (called a “gank”). While some of this involves Map Awareness, you also need to learn to not overextend, as well as keeping an eye on the enemies you’re fighting in your lane. If you cannot see one or both of the enemies in your lane, let your teammates know!

Last Hitting

Killing minions and enemy players nets you gold to buy items. However, if you don’t land the killing blow on an enemy minion, you will get ZERO gold, even if you’ve done most of the damage to it.

The faster you kill enemy minions, the faster the minions reach the enemy tower, which will make quick work of all non-cannon minions. It’s better to keep the minion fights as close to the middle as you can; you only need to finish off the minion to get gold from it — see if you can limit yourself to only attacking minions when you will kill them!

Tower Aggro

The enemy towers are dangerous. They have lots of health, armor, and a powerful attack that can quickly decimate low-level heroes. It’s important, then, to know how the turret picks its target.

Enemy towers will always target allied minions first, switching to champions only if there are no longer any allied minions around. The exception to this is if you deal damage to an enemy champion, in which case the tower will immediately switch to the damaging champion, shooting at them until they die or move out of range.

Let me repeat that: If you deal damage to an enemy champion within range of the tower, it will immediately start shooting at you: You do not want this. Be very careful when attacking the enemy at their own tower.

Recommended Viewing

Four of these videos are a result of the Valoran Video Contest held by Riot Games, and are quick, 1-minute videos touching on just the basics (which seems exactly what you’re looking for). The fifth video is made by Shurelia, an employee of Riot Games, and goes much more in-depth into what “Zoning” is, and how to take advantage of it.

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