Freeciv: attack strategy against computer that already has railroad and cannons

I’m having issues attacking a computer that already has cannons and railroad.

My current plan is having a couple of Mechanized Infantry adjacent to an enemy city (for defense of the square) and some Howitzers which I’m using to siege the city (kill the units defending it).

The problem is that a computer with cannons and railroad can reach my units on its territory in one move. I don’t have time to build a Fortress there, to improve the defense. And my Mech Infantry is just always overwhelmed by a herd of enemy canons.

What other plans could I use to kill the units in the enemy city? Here are the alternatives I can think of:

  • nuke. I really don’t want to use nukes. It’s so hard to clean the nuclear waste after that.
  • a lot of cruise missiles. It will take lots of time to produce and stock a lot of them near the border.
  • use Helicopters instead. This is really not my favorite unit, I don’t have almost any experience using them.
  • use lots of fighters and bombers to bomb the city. This will result in major losses if a city has SAM battery

Any other options which I’m not aware of?


Try pillaging the roads? It may be costly, but you can send some cheap units along his roads further up the chain and pillaging some of the squares. It will at least slow him down enough so you can prepare a defence or attack his cannons before they get to you. At the very least, it’ll cost a little movement points so his cannons won’t be at maximum power.

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