Friend can’t connect to my Diablo 2 LAN game

When I host the game my friend can’t connect to me.

Our IP addresses are and

When I run a second instance of Game.exe I can connect myself without any issues.

Both computers have Windows 7.

I tried to find some information on Google to configure Windows. There was advice to remove IPv6 protocol, but it doesn’t help.


Since the two computers are on the same local network, as you confirmed, it might be an issue of either network configuration in general or firewall configuration on at least one of the machines.

There is a support article on Battle Net about neccessary tcp and udp ports for Diablo2. I suggest to look it through, but the core info is:

Diablo II/Lord of Destruction: TCP Port 6112 and Port 4000.

Source : Link , Question Author : Vyacheslav Loginov , Answer Author : Juergen Hartelt

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