Getting Iron Golems through portals

I led an Iron Golem to my Nether portal and he went through.

He’s now in the Nether, but doesn’t seem to be able to go back. I pushed him all the way through the portal and nothing happened.

Is he permanently stuck in the Nether now? Can Golems only go through one way?

Update: I have now waited by the portal for 10 minutes, pushing him through periodically. He still won’t teleport back.


All mobs except those who naturally spawn in the Nether require a 45 second rest time for “they jet-lag the experience teleporting”. The mobs that spawn naturally in the nether only require a 15 second lapse before they can be teleported back in. This includes zombie pigmen, magma cubes, and blazes for spawners.

Source : Link , Question Author : ERJ , Answer Author : Young Guilo

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