Given a choice, should I plant sunflowers or sun-shrooms?

In the early levels, a solid economic foundation of sunflowers is the key to an effective garden. In Act 2, it gets dark, and you start acquiring mushrooms. One of them is the sun-shroom, which gives little suns at first and fullsize suns later. I don’t want both, because that’s one less slot for offensive seeds.

Which should I pick, given the choice, sunflowers or sun-shrooms? Why?


You should pick sun-shrooms on night levels, and sunflowers on day levels.

The reason you want to use sunflowers during the day is that sun-shrooms sleep during the day, and they won’t work unless you wake them up with the Coffee Bean.

The reason you want to use sun-shrooms at night is because they only cost 25 (instead of 50) sun, and yet they produce 15 sun each. This means that for the 50 sun you start with, you’re producing 30 sun instead of 25. This extra sun is needed because there’s no passive sun being produced due to it being night time.

The only downside to sun-shrooms is that you get less sun production for the same amount of space (even though they’re more cost efficient, they’re less space efficient) but this is mitigated due to the fact that after 2 minutes they grow up and begin to produce 25 sun, at which point they become just as space efficient as sunflowers.

Source : Link , Question Author : Steve V. , Answer Author : Mr Smooth

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