GPS turns off when Android phone’s display turns off while playing Pokemon Go

So I started playing Pokemon Go. There is one thing that is kind of irritating to me. Normally I play with my smartphone at hand looking for the next Poke-Stop or Arena, but sometimes I’m not playing actively. For those occasions I would like to just start the app and put the phone in my pocket and when I get an vibration alarm I know that there is a Pokemon near so I can act on it.

Thing is, the GPS gets turned of soon as the android display timeout kicks in an turns my display to black. So the game does not work properly anymore

I could not find out if it is an android settings thing that I can change somehow, or if it is the game which turn of GPS so you go and buy the nice little wearable that they sell…

Does anyone know a solution to this problem?


Two steps to “fix” this, although I admit it’s a little bit of a hassle:

  1. Go to your android system settings, and change your display timeout to the longest you can find, usually either 10 minutes, 30 minutes or infinite, depending on your phone

  2. In the settings menu of Pokemon GO, activate the “battery saving” checkbox.

In the battery savings mode, the app will detect if you turn your phone upside-down, and turn the screen black without actually turning it “off” in the sense of a locked screen. This way you should be able to toss it in your pocket without the GPS turning off, as your phone will still consider the app as actively using the screen.

At least this strategy works fine on my Galaxy S7. Just remember to check it within your max. display timeout time window so it won’t actually lock the screen in you pocket.

Source : Link , Question Author : garyee , Answer Author : kasoban

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