Help! I got lost in Nether!

No, actually I didn’t, but that was a close call and I’m really curious how would one go about that one.

On my third or fourth visit to the Nether, I still didn’t realize the risk, and didn’t place marks that would help me get back to the origin (currently I like to use flint and iron to create big flaming arrows towards the exit, visible from afar.) I wandered past one hill, and then I couldn’t locate the place I came from. I wisened up and started placing marks in form of torches, towers of netherrack with glowstones on top etc. The bunch of wood I had in my stash has proven invaluable as I ran out of steaks, and had to craft a bowl and start making mushroom soup. I realized the fastest way back would be to simply die, but since I had no clue where I was, that would mean losing my quite precious equipment, which cost me a lot of time and effort to gather and enchant, for that trip specifically. I also knew I had traveled rather far from the portal before starting placing marks, so the chances of finding it again by going in any random direction were rather slim.

By sheer luck I found one of the caverns I had explored before, and found my way back, but that was really a close call and I’d prefer to know any hints what to do in Nether if you’re already lost (no Obsidian to build a new portal, not willing to die and forgot the direction to the exit.)


I believe, basing on ReallyGoodPie’s answer, I do know something that would work most of the time.

Unless you’re a devout traveler and wandered for days away from the spawn point (not too smart, a creeper blows up you and your bed and you’re back to spawn, days away from home – not to mention all three strongholds are between 640 and 1152 blocks from the spawn) we can assume your Nether Portal was somewhere within, say, 3200 blocks radius from 0,y,0 (that’s like 9 maximum zoom-out maps!). Since coordinates in Nether are an eighth of the Overworld, that means the portal will be within 400 blocks from 0,y,0 (and you can estimate the radius by estimating the distance of the overworld portal from spawn.) You can also estimate the altitude (y) – 64 if that was the surface, more for hills, less for underground.

Now locate 0,y,0 using F3 and then travel in spiral around that point, trying to explore increasingly wider circle of terrain and controlling your distance using the coordinates. That way you shouldn’t miss any terrain and be able to locate familiar areas and eventually the portal – 25 chunks radius isn’t something beyond hope for exploring, and most people will have their homes (and portals) within 1000 radius, that’s mere 8 chunks of Nether away from Spawn. (and if you remembered rough direction of your portal from spawn, using the Cobblestone Compass trick you can head straight for your portal from the “origin”)

Another option, inspired by Loren: If you have enough wood, or a chest – or are near enough from the portal (say, aforementioned 0,y,0) – or are patient enough to locate a treasure chest at a fortress – write down your coords, dump all your equipment, suicide, then go, retrieve it all – stopping long enough to take note of the portal location this time.

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