How are coins distributed?

In DrawSomething, when either you or your opponent guess a drawing correctly, you get shown a screen that says “Drawsome!” and then both of your avatars, along with the number of coins that drawing was worth.

Do I get coins both when an opponent correctly guesses my drawing, AND when I correctly guess an opponent’s drawing? Or is it only one or the other?


Just tried it now, with my opponent guessing my 3-coin word and me guessing his 2-coin word. After both were successfully guessed, I see that I only got 2 coins. Thus you only get coins for successfully guessing your opponent’s word.

EDIT: Here, you can see that an employee answered a similar question incorrectly by saying that it is equally distributed. This is wrong because, along with my experiment above, then a “Coin Distribution” chart would not exist in the stats pane.

Coin Distribution

Source : Link , Question Author : Ash , Answer Author : Kenan

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