How are re-roll credits earned?

In the ARAM queue that arrived with the Freljord patch you can re-roll a champion you’ve been given by using a re-roll credit. How fast do you accrue these re-rolls? Is it based on number of games played or number of champions owned?


Reroll Mechanics

You gain Reroll points based on games played and champions owned. Once you’ve saved up 250 Reroll points, it grants you 1 Reroll, which is used to perform a Reroll in ARAM. You can only have 2 Rerolls saved up; When you have 2 Rerolls, you no cannot accrue Reroll points.

The formula for Reroll points gained is 30 + (1 x Champions Owned) per game. This has been stated in the forums by a developer, and is very easy to confirm in the post-game stats by mousing over the Reroll point awards.

Standard 30 Points

base points
enter image description here

Bonus From Champions Owned

Note that I own 58 champions.

champion bonus points
enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Rapida , Answer Author : Community

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