How are the levels calculated?

There are two kinds of level in Miitomo:

  • Popularity Level, which seems to evolve depending on your interactions with your friends.
  • Fashion Level, which seems to evolve when you change your clothes.

What exactly makes those levels go up? From my own experience, it seems like the Popularity Level is going up when you receive likes and comments on your questions. For the Fashion Level, it seems like it did go up each time I bought new clothes in the shop and equipped them, but also when I did something as simple as removing a hat. What are the actions needed for each level category ? Is there an amount of points won for each one of those, and is there a daily limit ?


This is all that’s been confirmed so far:

-get hearts on your answers

-get comments on your answers

-get hearts on your miifotos

-get comments on your miifotos


-change your current clothes [ONCE PER DAY]

-check put the shop [ONCE PER DAY]

-share a miifoto [ONCE PER DAY]

-get comments on your miifotos

-get hearts on your miifotos

-change outfits (as pointed out by ChronoD)

It also seems that buying new clothes on the shop, or earning them as prizes on the Drop minigame has varying effects on the style bar, as for me I’ve managed to level up from trying new clothes even after the once per day thing (or at least I think so) but sometimes it just doesn’t change at all, perhaps buying them does not increase it (as is Jeremy Avalon’s case) but earning them does.
As for the popularity points, it may be limited to a specific amount per day (or maybe my answers aren’t worthy enough of other people’s hearts and comments ;-;) also, adding friends could have an effect on the popularity level, has anyone tested that? As for me I have over 70 friends by adding random strangers and I’m on popularity level 7 but I’ve been there for a while.

Also, I’ve tried what ChronoD said he would try yesterday, my results were:
I started at level 6 with no extra points, did all of the pnce per day stuff and the war was at about 3/4 changing clothes or outfits had no effect.

Source : Link , Question Author : Isuka , Answer Author : Cfrs

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