How are the total possible trophies awarded determined?

While searching for an opponent, I have noticed that the total possible trophies to be awarded fluctuates. I have seen enemies with 2 town halls greater than mine (and with xbows & flame towers) and the possible awarded trophies (if you 100%) is around 10 to 15. What is this reason that this is so low?

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The most I have seen is around 35 possible trophies – when performing an attack that isn’t revenge.


SuperCell, the game’s creator, has provided this resource for those curious about matchmaking and how trophies work.

To summarize, it is completely dependent on your number of trophies in relation to your opponent’s. If your opponent has significantly more trophies than you, you will gain a lot more trophies than usual if you win offensively or defensively. The opposite also applies, where if you lose an attack or defense against someone with less trophies than you, you will lose more trophies.

Level of town hall or any other building has no part in the calculation.

Source : Link , Question Author : Zero , Answer Author : GarrettJ

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