How can I actually kick/boot a player?

I’ve been in several parties where all three of us go to kick a player (via right-clicking on the player’s tile in the upper left corner) and nothing happens. We were only able to kick an idling player once when I stood next to him, selected “Kick”, and received a modal window to insert a reason. The rest of the party received the vote and he was kicked.

What are the conditions for actually booting a player? Do you have to stand near him? Does there need to be a period of time in-between the first vote and the actual vote? Is it a majority vote or a consensus vote, and how does it differ between four-, three-, and two-person parties?


The general consensus is that:

  • You have to be close to the player
  • You have to wait for a timer after the player joins the game
  • And I think that you cannot kick a game creator

Source : Link , Question Author : Wolf , Answer Author : Wolf

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