How can I catch a golden bee?

The Bee Guy says he’ll give me an even bigger reward for a Golden Bee. Is there a specific place these bees appear or a certain thing I need to do? Is the reward more rupees or an item?


The Golden Bee appears randomly (1/50 chance). Your best bet is to just keep slamming into trees and cutting grass and bushes until it appears. The Golden Bee is differentiated by a golden glow surrounding it, as well as being stronger and tougher than a regular bee.

If you don’t want to catch one, you can purchase one from several vendors in Lorule.

  • Skull Woods: The Mysterious Man in the cave will sell you one for 888 Rupees.
  • Various regular vendors in Lorule sell one for 9999 Rupees.

I don’t recommend buying one, as the cost dwarfs the reward:

The Bee Guy will pay 300 Rupees for each Golden Bee, as well as give you the Bee Badge for the first Golden Bee you turn in. The badge makes all bees friendly to you and they will attack enemies (just as if you let the bee out of your bottle!).

Source : Link , Question Author : Community , Answer Author : CyberSkull

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