How can I change the Install Directory of Games in Origin

In preparation of the upcoming Battlefield 3 Open Beta, today I attempted to set up Origin to install to the proper directories.

My base Origin is installed at:


For some reason though, Origin wants to install all of my games to:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\”.

So I attempted to change this to:

“E:\Games\Origin\Games”, or even just “E:\Games”,

however I keep getting the error message: “The game installation directory is invalid. Please select a different directory.” This always comes up unless I pick a directory that is in “C:\Program Files (x86)\” somewhere.

As you can see below: Red is the error message I get every time I try to change the directory, Green is the default location which can only be changed to VERY similar locations, and Blue is showing the fact that I can change the location of the installers just fine.

My Problem

Is there any way (even using other programs, like a registry editor) to change the directory that Origin will install my games to?


Edit, October 2013: This solution is now outdated; though, with the new filename still valid. Changing the directory from within the client’s settings should work without a problem. See for a detailed walkthrough.

Locate the “Origin” sub-folder in your Application Data – or simply use Start | Run | “%AppData%\Origin”.

There’s a local.xml file, open it with a text editor and change the path in the line that begins with

<Setting key="DownloadInPlaceDir"

Source : Link , Question Author : Mr Smooth , Answer Author : Community

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