How can I connect a Wii U to my router with an Ethernet cable?

I was expecting the Wii U to have an RJ-45 Ethernet port, but it does not. How can I connect the Wii U to my router with an Ethernet cable? (also called RJ-45)


You will need to purchase the Wii LAN Adapter for that. The official adapter is compatible with Wii, Wii U, and Switch. Note that this will occupy a USB port on your console.

According to Nintendo Support, regular USB to Ethernet adapters might not work with the Wii U. This likely also applies to the Wii and possibly also the Switch. You could try using an adapter you already own, but if you’re going to buy one for the Wii U, I recommend buying the right one.

Source : Link , Question Author : Lemon , Answer Author : Nolonar

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