How can I create a one-way warp pipe?

In Super Mario Maker 1, it was possible to create a one-way warp pipe — a warp pipe that can be traversed normally from one end, but where nothing happens when Mario attempts to enter it from the other end — by placing two pipes over the top of one another in the editor. I used this technique frequently in SMM1 to, for example, create nicely-flowing “bonus rooms” where Mario would enter on one end and exit on the other.

Super Mario Maker 2 doesn’t allow warp pipes to be placed over the top of one another in this manner.

Is there a way to create a one-way warp pipe in Super Mario Maker 2? If so, what is the procedure?

(Note: I’m aware that a workaround for this problem is to place the “out” end of the pipe in a location where Mario can’t reach it, e.g. high above the ground, or horizontally-facing and not at ground level. I’m interested in a solution that creates an actual one-way pipe, without using this workaround.)


Unfortunately you will have to have some sort of structure at one end of the pipe, but you can choose to have it in the bonus room side rather than the overground side, to be less obtrusive, but this does mean you can enter the “exit pipe” on the overground, even if it kicks you back out again. This seems to be how Nintendo did it in their recreated retro levels in SMM/SMM3DS.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jon Schneider , Answer Author : Hiccup

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